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Sport cars’ manufacturing


Sport cars' manufacturing

The company is working out, testing and preparing complex for every model of Subaru. We have bought a dynamometrical stand to test the software and engine.

The company offers the engineering and technical service of the cars Subaru during the competitions of any level (including WRC) providing with the STI spare parts.

The company has bought the equipment that improves and reduces the time to prepare sport cars of N group. We serve and repair cars and provide the spare parts from Moscow stock that makes easier the racers' lives representing Subaru company.

Uspensky Rally Technica is the only certificated manufacturer of sport cars Subaru for rally in Russia.

построить раллийный автомобиль

The company URT is the unique association in Russia which prepares and provides the technical service of sport cars on high technical level. Within the output volume the company is planning to enlarge the manufacturing area: bonnet and aggregate workshops, a big accessory stock of STI and other world manufacturers