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    Wales Rally GB. Day 3. That's it!

    Wales Rally GB 2010So, it's now a part of the history - the final day of the final round of the final WRC cars era championship. We say goodbye to the entire era. And despite all the efforts of the main rival, today the victory was taken by the person, which may be called The King of that era. Sebastien Loeb completed Wales Rally Great Britain with the 62nd win in his WRC career. The Petter Solberg's second place provided him with a third position in the season, and Jari-Matti Latvala's Welsh bronze promoted young Finn to vice-championship. All the other titles in the other categories are decided, too. The season's curtain fell. To be exact - the entire era's curtain fell. And there is a very close feeling for everybody. The feeling that is very similar to the name of the movie in memory of pop music king... That's it!



    Wales Rally Gb. Day 2. Duelist’s Day

    Wales Rally GB 2010

    It doesn't become dull, though the competitors splitted during the second day of Wales Rally GB into the small "groups" and now solving their tasks within these groups. Loeb and Solberg displayed a real fight, a fight on the limit all the day through! And the same "duels" are further in the top 10. The situation seems like nothing to decide any more in PWRC category, where Tanak remains a sole leader after Flodin's retirement. The SWRC cars are displaying a good fight too: despite the general standings here display the huge gaps - it's still very close on every single stage.


    Wales Rally Gb. Day 1. More swimming than racing

    2010 Wales Rally GB day1The Welsh roads are usually muddy and slippery. But the strong rain started almost in the very beginning of the rally, making them even more difficult. Ruts and plenty of water became a serious trouble for everybody. And these troubles were followed by the differences in stage times that could be called huge for the only first day of the event! That situation could be noticed in most of the competition categories... Latvala tried to escape from Loeb - but failed, and the real fight is between Seb and Petter now. Patrik Flodin first managed to establish the P-WRC leadership, that seemed comfortable, but... dropped to third only.  So there is probably only one leader, who can feel himself more or less comfortable, and his name is Andreas Mikkelsen in S-WRC...

    Slavic Cup Rally: Patrik Flodin Wins!

    Патрик Флодин

    The second day of the Slavic Cup Rally astonished the amateurs with an intriguing plot, an the sportsmen - with a struggle for every second.



    Slavic Cup Rally. Punctuality is a Swedish Virtue.

    The new Slavic Cup Rally appeared to be absolutely unpredictable. But let's proceed step by step.


    We offer You an opportunity to join our team!

    "Uspenskiy Rally Tecnica" - it is about fast and reliable cars, professional engineers and experienced mechanics, efficient logistics and strongest crews. Everything it takes to think only about victory and aim to it!

    Rally of Great Britain: Sebastien Loeb, Jean Todt, Patrik Flodin, Subaru Impreza URT’09 and others…

    It was the decisive day of Wales Rally GB. Gaps inside the leading trio of the PWRC were so big, that nobody was eager to push too much.


    Tempestini takes European Cup with victory in Russia

    Rally of RussiaIt was the guest from Italy Marco Tempestini, who adapted to the challenging conditions better than anybody else and, having found the ideal balance between speed and reliability, won the event in a dominant fashion to win the prestigious Cup.
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